About Josie Long

Hi, welcome to my website, on it you can find quite a good archive of what I’ve been up to in the last few years and I hope you like it.

I am a writer and a stand up comedian and I love travelling to perform my comedy.
I try and write about what I care about and I try to make my shows friendly and silly.

I care a lot about politics and social justice and sometimes run a thing called the Alternative Reality Tour that you can read about via the site.

My current big projects are a microbudget feature film, a radio series, and a baby.

I am from Orpington in Kent, was born in 1982 and studied English at Oxford University.

I currently live in London and I like outdoor swimming, crafts, zines, Scottish indiepop music and speaking in a 1930s film noir voice.


You can see all my live dates, here.