I wrote Be Honourable first for the 2012 Melbourne Comedy Festival and later took it to New Zealand, and then that year's Edinburgh Fringe festival where it was nominated fothe best show award.

That autumn I took it to Paris and on a 45 date UK tour, supported by James Acaster, genius comedian (aka Pancakes) and Johnny Lynch, genius musician (aka Pictish Trail aka Fence Records head honcho aka flapjacks).

The show started talking about breakfasts & ended talking about politics, with a bit about an encounter with a papparazi in India inbetween.

It was a brilliantly fun tour, and we did loads of swimming. Outdoors. In winter.
Watch this space for tour videos & photos.



I make a programme (or "Showgramme") for each of her shows, and here's the one for Be Honourable...

Download the programme as a PDF here, or you can view it online as a flipbook, here.